Micro-Cabins at Deep Creek Lake!

"Glamping", "Tiny Houses", "TumbleWeeds", "Yurts", "Micro-Cabins" - the common goal seems to be to enjoy the outdoors with less impact.  Take only Pictures and Leave only Footprints.   Glamping, also known as Micro-Cabining,  is growing as more people are discovering the attraction of Semi-Primitive shelters. Micro-Cabins are the perfect alternative.  The idea of a Micro-Cabin is a reasonable approach to achieve that goal;  a semi-permanent camp site that  does not have to be re-established for each use.  A Micro-Cabin may range in size from 72 sq. ft.-600 sq. ft.  It can be designed to suit your specific needs, zoning regulations, and building codes. 

We look forward to helping you enjoy the greatest free entertainment - The Great Outdoors!

Micro-Cabins LLC is committed to producing Quality Micro-Cabins and Glamping kits at competitive prices.  Our Micro-Cabins are intended to last for Generations to come.  The impact they leave on the Landscape is dependent on you, but our intention  is to show you “Less is More”, learn, and enjoy the delicate balance between Nature and Man.  Leave only footprints and take only pictures.  At Micro-Cabins LLC, our goal is to help you find the balance between the superficial impact on the environment and the degradation of the environment.  

Thank You.
- Art Holland

Please contact us for more information, and with any questions!  You can reach us at
art.holland19@gmail.com, or at 301-616-2871. Thank you in advance for your interest in Micro-Cabins!

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